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Annual Report:

Hidden Sprouts Special School for Mentally Handicapped Children’s commitment is to place the mentally handicapped children in the community as useful human beings with same human dignity which is being appreciated greatly by all the parents, families and people having humanitarian values in the society. The school is running purely on humanitarian grounds free of cost.The main objective of this school is to make these mentally Handicapped children towards self help skills and it is being done through several therapies and various activities i.e., games, cultural activities, vocational courses Candle making, book binding, tailoring, etc.,

This organization is strengthening day by day. This school is initially started with 9 mentally handicapped children on 14th June 2006. The school got recognised with certificate of Registration of Societies Act 35 of 2001 Society No.639 of 2007 on 16-04-2007. Now the present strength is 113 mentally handicapped children. This School is running with kind support of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal corporation(G.V.M.C) by giving a free rented area at M.V.P Colony, sector-12, Visakhapatnam - 17. These children are creating a sense of confidence in the hearts of their parents and families as they could live their lives by themselves by getting training from this school in Special Educational Courses as well as training in self employment courses i.e., Candle making, book binding, tailoring, etc.,

Hidden sprouts Special School for Mentally Handicapped Children stands as an answer for poor parents who are suffering to see welfare for their mentally handicapped children, that there is a Hidden Sprouts Special School for Mentally Handicapped Children which will look after their children which could lead them not only to lead their lives in the society but also shows their livelihood to stand equal with the other people in the society.

This school is able to extend free services to these unfortunate chidren with a 'Vision' and 'Goal'. With provided help from Government Of India, Ministry Of Social Justice & Empowerment, Department of Empowerment of Persons With Disabilities disabled dept.,stata,local governments and from kind hearted donors.

Finally as observed Hidden Sprouts School strength is increasing day by day and its strength may reachto many moredeserving children.We humbly request to the social justice&empowerment dept. presently ,the school is run by kind hearted donors devoted & selfless serviceby teachers and staff with meagre salaries. Presently the school is located in M.V.P colony, sector-12,beside G.V.M.C school,Ushodaya junction,Visakhapatnam-17.

This Charitable society are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80G of I.T.Act. 1961
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